Voice , Simply. Talk to your clients

With Ziwo, handling inbound and outbound calls has never been easier. Our cloud-based solution allows your agents to make and receive calls from anywhere, as long as they have a computer, a headset, and an Internet connection. This means you can have a virtual call center that is accessible from anywhere, anytime.

In addition to basic call handling, Ziwo offers a wide range of advanced features to help you optimize your call center’s performance. Some of these features include call tracking, call whispering, emotion tracking, and call recording.

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WhatsApp, Simply. Have a Conversation

Ziwo’s smart routing and automatic call & message distribution queues make it easy to optimize your customer experience (CX) performance using WhatsApp for Business. Our platform allows you to route messages to the most appropriate agent based on their availability and skill set, ensuring that your customers always receive the best possible service.

With automatic message distribution queues, you can ensure that your agents are handling a manageable number of messages, which can help to reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction. By distributing messages evenly among your agents, you can ensure that your customers are being serviced in a timely and efficient manner.

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