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Click to Call

Web CallBack

Call Whispering

Call Masking

Call Tracking

Webphone on your website or App

Install ZIWO Dialpad in minutes in your own CRM or web app where agents can get all the functionalities to receive and place calls, view their call history or even change their status

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CDR will help you track effectively

You can fetch CDR using API within Ziwo.This endpoint returns list of CDR by the given filter. You can fetch call recording MP3 file using ZIWO Web phone events.

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Click to Call can enhance your workflow

You can make any phone numbers of you web app clickable to generate a call by the agent ! This can be done in the agent app or the admin app for ziwo

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Call Whispering can improve productivity

This initiates an eavesdrop call which let’s user to listen to an agent’s live conversation with the customers. This call can also be updated to speak/listen to agent/both.

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Call Masking can protect customer data

When a call lands as an incoming call through one of the DID numbers configured, the platform can request an external web service to fetch the list of rules. When the call ends, the CDR is also posted to the external service.

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Call Tracking can help monitor your campaigns

The Call Trackers module can be used for dynamic handling the incoming calls by making a web service request to external service.

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Web Callback can enhance visitor engagement

The WebCallback is a button you can add to your website to allow customers to be called back. This invokes the WebCallback API by clicking on the button and enter their phone number, then Ziwo will generate a call to this customer, linking them to the contact center number you chose.

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